Barbara Roosen


Barbara Roosen (1978) is architect and researcher in the research group Spatial Capacity Building at the Faculty of Architecture and Art, Hasselt University, Belgium. Her PhD research focuses on critical mapping tools to facilitate design dialogues about suburban socio-spatial development. In this framework, she made the book and the exhibition Verkavelingsverhalen (2016) together with Oswald Devisch. Furthermore, she is involved in various research projects concerning collectivity, workspaces and soft connections in suburbia. Besides her research work, she teaches design studios and urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture and Art, Hasselt University. Much of her work has already been exhibited, including in the Singel (Antwerp), C-mine (Genk), BMW Guggenheim Lab (New York) and Recyclart (Brussels).




2021-10-13 17:18:21

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