Hannelore Goyens

Architect and researcher

Hannelore Goyens (1989) is an architect and researcher with interest in participatory design and collective learning. In 2019 she has started her PhD at the Faculty of Architecture & Arts, University of Hasselt, Belgium. During intensive fieldwork she challenges the current mobility system by learning about mobility together with the local community. She works on the complex project Noord-Zuid Limburg which she uses as a case for her research.

Email: hannelore.goyens@uhasselt.be

Website: https://www.noordzuidlimburg.be/


2021-08-13 12:55:59

North-South Limburg - A Bicycle Library as part of a Platform On Mobility

2021-08-13 13:55:06

North-South Limburg in Translation - Correspondences between Neighbourhoods and Large-Scale Spatial Transformations

2021-08-13 16:26:44

Koolmijnlaan - Mapping Radical Interdependencies